The KEM team have years of experience
working together and relying
on each other to bring events to successful completion

We each take our roles very seriously, but above all we strive to be user-friendly. This means being reliable, accessible, efficient and disposing of our duties with a sense of fun.

Angela Kipling

Founder & Owner

Dennis Farrelly

Managing Partner

Dimitrios Kyriakopoulos


Nicola Turner

Admin Support

Rachael Oxley

Account Executive

Verity Kapetanou

Event Hospitality Specialist and Freelance Team Coordinator

Angela, you should be very proud of the team you have created. They are all a true reflection on you and what you have built. Your kindness, your professionalism, your detail to everything, and so on, is one to be admired! You have mentored your team extraordinarily and they truly represent you and Kipling outstandingly!

Vanessa Tenembaum, Jeffrey Modell Foundation, New York